Italian Chicken
1 Small Jar peppercinni
1 envelope of Good Seasonings Mild Italian Salad dressing (dry do not prepare)
6-8 boneless chicken breast

Put peppercinni and its juice and Italian dressing in crock pot add chicken and cook all day. I let my cook 8-10 hours while gone to work.

When you get home shred meat I take my peppercinni out before shredding and them add on sandwich after shredding for those of us who like more zip.

Note: I have found different brands of the peppercinni will make this spicier them some. The only juice is the peppercini juice. I also put my chicken breast in frozen mainly because I don't think of it ahead of time.

1/2 cup shredded is 2 points. Using you Healthy Life bun you have a 3 point sandwich.