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Thread: Iliotibial band syndrome

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    I have an overuse injusry called "iliotibial band tendonitis. It's also called "runners knee." I've seen a podiatrist who recommended physical therapy along with modalities. I spent weeks doing the PT, and taking it easy with my exercises. But, once I returned to regular excercise and the PT was over, I notice that the pain has returned again. I'm at a wits end! Can any of you relate to this condition.? And if so, is it curable? The pain in my knee sometimes drive me bananas.
    Thanks in advnce for direct action that helps alleviate the pain.
    Thank you very much

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    Good morning, I have never heard of this personally, but I'm wondering if a glucosamine supplement might be of help. I have read many good things about it, both here & elsewhere.

    Also, is it any type of exercise that agravates it? What do you normally do for exercise?

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    Hi Healthylady. ITB and runner's knee are 2 different injuries. The ITB stretches from the outside of your knee all the way up to your hip. The pain is usually felt on the outside of the knee, although when I had it, I felt it in my hip. It can be stubborn, but there are exercises and stretches you can do to get rid of it. This website was posted on the runner's thread. It's got some great exercises for the ITB. web page Check it out and good luck.

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    Well Ann is correct in saying that they are two different conditions. Iliotibial band syndrome affects your ilium (part of your hip) and tibia (your shin). There is a band that connects them together and when hyperextented for a large amount of time it will become inflammed. You can probably treat this with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen (Motrin). "Runner's Knee" is caused by the breaking of the cartilage behind the knee. This will cause pain behind and on the side of the knee.

    If you have completed your PT and are still experiencing pain I would definately call the doctor. IF your PT released you and told you that you may start running again but still are experiencing pain, it might be another problem. I would discontinue with the running and call them to be seen again. Hope it all works out.

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    I don't know if this applies or not, but I have to share my great news. While training for a Half Marathon in February, I developed ITB problems and ultimately a tender knee on the opposite leg. I'm ready to start training for a marathon and visited an orthopedist to be checked out. This man is going to the Olympics with the American track team as the knee Dr. He did a brief exam, and then declared that it was a simple fix. He determined that my Sacro-iliac joint had gotten out of alignment at some point, thus creating pressure on my opposite knee. He pushed it back into place and declared me healed. No pain after months of tenderness. No pills, no nothing. Just instant fix. What is scary is that I can imagine most other orthopedists not being able to spot what he did.
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    I, too, have problems with my IT band - it hurts the side of my left knee and my right hip! But I've found stretching has really helped me out a lot and I also noticed that when I run outdoors I have little to no pain but on the treadmill....ouch!

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