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Thread: Favourite Exercise routines

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    I was just on the curves question on another post.
    It brought to my mind a question for anyone who is interested in answering.

    What is your favourite exercise routine?

    Personally, I like walking. I get the dog and explore some of the parks around my house. I'm really lucky there are a ton of walking trails by my place.

    Cheers, Carlee
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    judyo53 Guest


    I enjoy my variety of aerobics tapes, & have some favorites & some not so favorites (I don't really enjoy the hour long Tae Bo tape-I can only handle 30 min. at a time). I need as much variety in my work outs as possible so I have a huge collection.

    I'd rather do my aerobics than my weights/toning tapes, although I do those twice a week. And I prefer working out at home since I do it in the evening & don't have to worry about looking decent, or having to drive to a walking trail or gym (I have no interest in working out in public).

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    I like to mix it up with classes every once in a while, so that my daily jogging and interval training doesn't get so mundane. I'm in a beach volleyball class right now that is great. I get a tan and I get to play my fave sport in the whole world.

    I also like taking hip hop dance classes. I'm terrible at it, and its usually full of Britney Spears look-a-likes, but I could care less, because I take it with a friend, and we both just laugh at each other.

    The WW high intensity video is good too. Its kinda goofy, but in a good way.

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    A friend gave me a couple Leslie Sansome (sorry not sure how to spell her name) walking tapes if I can't get outside for a proper walk. They aren't bad, but I like getting outside better, and so does the pup!
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    I just found a new favorite!! YEAH!! My new gym (my old one closed while I was on vacation ) has some awesome classes. I do not like aerobic classes so I tried one in the pool. I was always hesitant to try these cause I didn't think they would be strenuous enough. Well let me tell you did I get a GREAT workout!! I cannot wait to take it again. Other than that my exercise routine consists of 45 minutes of cardio on three different machines at the gym. 15 on eliptical, 15 on treadmill and 15 on bike. I cannot do just one for the whole I get bored. And I also use the weight machines.

    Anyone who has access to a gym or YMCA and can try a water class by all means do. They have them for all levels. It really was a great workout for cardio and toning!! Can you tell how excited I am about it!! LOL

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    I absolutely love water aerobics! I went to a class my cousin was teaching expecting it to be a breeze. It was easy, but I was noticing changes to my body within just a couple of weeks. I'm also a big fan of step aerobics, bike riding & yoga. Oh yeah...& yoga!

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    It depends on the day! Sometimes it is just plain old walking, other times it is jogging, weight lifting, aerobic videos (I have lots), Tae Bo, Pilates, Yoga, etc. I guess I should just say that I like to mix it up and do many different workouts. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    My favourites:
    -Playing ultimate frisbee (a field sport played with a frisbee. It combines football, basketball and's very popular here with a huge, very social league). It's fun, it's competitive, and it's the hardest workout around. Most of my friends seem to agree that it's even more cardiovascularly challenging than soccer!

    -Running in the woods.

    -Spinning classes, such a great way to get motivated for a good workout on cold winter days. And a great cross training workout when I'm running a lot.

    -On stressed out, tired days there is nothing like yoga. Lately, been doing Brian Kest's Power Yoga.

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    The all time best for me is walking. It clears my mind and whatever is bothering me is left way behind. But I am also taking a Tai Chi class which I love.
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    Great question!!!

    I have a number of favorites depending on the time of year, and weather.
    My ultimate favorite is getting out on the road and doing a long bike on my road bike
    Also a favorite is off-roading on my mountain bike
    A run through the river valley in the fall when the leaves are crisp under your feet
    Bikram yoga first thing the morning (hot yoga)
    A good 60 minute spin class.

    you can't beat any of these activities,
    Oh yeah, and walking the dog in the spring when everything smells fresh.
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    Walking and jogging outside at dusk really does it for me!

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