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Thread: Activity Points for Pilates?

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    Zurichnee Guest


    I've tried doing some beginner pilates tapes and really enjoy it, but I am wondering about earning points for them? Are they considered light or moderate? If I did a half hour tape, I wonder how many points I'd earn. Should be a lot, really, cause I can sure feel it when I'm done, but I'm thinking it is only one. Any clues?

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    girlinmotion Guest


    I would call Pilates light exercise. The reason? The amount of calories you burn (and therefore the number of AP's earned) is related to how hard you work and particularly how hard your heart and respiratory system is working right? So since Pilates isn't the kind of thing where you get really heart-pounding, out of breath etc. this is light exercise. Now, if I'm wrong and you find you really are breathing hard during this workout then it might be moderate. As to how many points you earn, that depends what you weigh

    A good guide for light vs moderate vs high intensity:
    You can finish a sentence, even sing along with the music a bit. You could continue this kind of activity for quite a while without a break. Common examples are yoga, weightlifting, normal walking
    Your heartrate is in the 50-60% of max. (Approx. max heartrate=220-age in beats per minute)

    You can speak but you can feel that you are breathing a bit harder. You couldn't really sing. Common examples: power walking, biking, aerobics, circuit weight training
    Heartrate: 60-75% of max

    You can only speak in short sentences. Normally you would be sweating and breathing fairly hard (often through your mouth). Common examples would be running, Spinning classes, race biking, fast swimming,field sports
    Heartrate: 75-85%

    The fact that you dont' earn a ton of APs shouldn't discourage you from Pilates though. Pilates is great for building core strength,meaning the muscles in your back and abdomen. Having more muscle will increase your metabolism making it easier to lose weight and keep the weight off when you get to goal. In addition, strong back and ab muscles help your posture and prevent back pain. 2 big [img]graemlins/thumbup.gif[/img] in my opinion!

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    I do a one hour pilates class at the gym and only count it as 2 APs. Your estimation of 1 point for 30 minutes sounds right.
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    judyo53 Guest


    I agree. Although I find pilates to be somewhat difficult, it is not in an aerobic way. And I sure feel it afterwards, too. Probably since I don't do it much (have it as a 10 min. workout on a CD that features 5 different 10 min. regimes). But, along with my light weight workouts, I would also count Pilates as light intensity.

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    Zurichnee Guest


    That's what I thought. I have a tape with it..I do like it and it feels great, but I didn't think it would earn too many points! That's okay, tho...maybe I'll walk one day, do pilates the other. I don't find I lose weight much when I walk everyday, so maybe this is an option...a change in pace and plan that might kick start something!


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