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    Are these burgers good? Been thinking of buying some. In alot of the threads, these burgers are brought up in topics.

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    judyo53 Guest


    Like any food, you'd have to try them to see for yourself. Some people absolutely LOVE them, I don't.

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    I like them for a quick dinner. If I'm really in the mood for beef, they're disapointing, but as a rule, I do enjoy them. I treat them just like a burger, putting on all the pickles, onions, etc., I normally would.
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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    They are ok in my mind but I'd rather have beef. I like my meats. I will eat them if they are around but I won't go out and buy them.

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    There are SO many varieties of soy and veggie burgers out there, and the tastes vary widely. I eat meat, but I also like the others to get in soy and also for a lower point alternative sometimes.

    If you don't like the taste of a particular veggie or soy burger you buy, try heating it up in a skillet with A-1 sauce or worcertershire sauce--makes it taste more like beef!
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    Thanks a bunch for your imput. I do love my beef burgers, I thought the Bocca burgers would be just as good. Dressing them up with onions and tomatoes and slapping on some b-b-que sauce will numb the taste if I don't like them.
    Thanks ladies.
    Great advice.


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    I like the Boca burgers a lot, but you can't eat them thinking they're going to taste like hamburgers. I think the Flame Grilled variety have a better burger flavor. What I especially like about them is they're a really quick lunch to take to work and they're individually packaged. I like them microwaved -- don't try and grill them though. Bad idea.

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    I love my veggie burgers. I am so not a vegetarian but these are great. I put them on a low cal bun pile on the lettuce, tomato and onion, dab a little ff mayo and low cal thousand island dressing and danged if I'm not at McD's!! Okay, so they aren't a hamburer but they are might tasty.

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    I never thought I would like them.....but I have really enjoyed them. You just have to find the ones that you like best.
    I like the Gardenburger Roasted Veggie one, Boca Portabella burger, and Boca Roasted Garlic best.
    If you are grilling them, do it with care. Make sure you spray the grill with pam and make sure you cook it on the one side for more than a couple of minutes so it doesn't fall apart when you flip it.

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    I eat Bocas all the time. Haven't had a real hamburger in almost a year. I cook mine in Heinz 57 sauce and add lots of tomatoe, lettuce and pickles. I also use jalapeno mustard as the dressing--really good. It is an acquired taste. Love, Cinde [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]
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    I enjoy my veggie burgers. My fave are the Boca Burger Roasted Onion.
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    Boca products are good but I prefer GardenBurger. I love the Grilled Hamburger style. Taste is a close to the real thing without it being beef. When I first started on WW I ate these several times a week. They were a life saver. I still eat them every week!
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    America's.Sweetheart Guest

    Default Re: Bocca Burgers

    My husband is vegetarian and we have these at home quite often - I am not a huge fan of them, but they are tolerable at times. I have found the BOCA brand to be the best of the lot.

    There are other wonderful soy products by BOCA, however, like their fake meat crumbles. They work well in spaghetti sauce or as taco meat or in chili. Morningstar Farms Chik Patties and Chik Nuggets are very good and much less points than regular chicken nuggets.

    Gimme Lean sausage is wonderful soy sausage that is one point per patty. It works well in Italian dishes or by itself.

    My husband likes the GardenBurger brand soy Barbecue Riblets, but I haven't been brave enough to try them yet!

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    NibbsandKins Guest

    Default Re: Bocca Burgers

    I am not a vegitarian and I really enjoy a good burger. I really liked the boca burger!! Hey for 1 point a patty I can have a great burger with cheese and mayo and enjoy it. It tastes like a bbq'd burger to me..

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    Boccas are not my favorites but I do eat them. I don't like hamburgers unless I make my own from very very lean beef and it has to be rare. When everyone else eats a regular ( From a box) burger, I grab a soy.

    Dr. Prager is the best followed by Gardenburger. IMHO!

    I detest the Pizza flavored Bocca and the Fajita one isn't that great either.

    I think I have the brands right. LOL!

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    Default Re: Bocca Burgers

    America'sSweetheart, if you like ribs, you'll like those Gardenburger riblets! They are really, really great!
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    CurvyPrincess Guest

    Default Re: Bocca Burgers

    I havent tried the Bocca burgers, but I love the Morningstar Farms Chik Patties and the veggie flamegrilled patties.....I cut them up and out them in a pita with lettuce and light ranch....mmmmmmmm kinda reminds me of a falafel

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    I love the Bocca Burgers and Morningstar Farms products. I REALLY like the breakfast sausage patties and use them to make my own breakfast sandwiches with egg substitute and cheese. As far as the burgers go, I like to grill onions and peppers and top the burgers with these and lite cheese for a low-point, very tasty sandwich for lunch. They are not a big juicy burger, but if you heat them in a skillet and spray them with Pam while they cook, they are very moist and tasty. I have also grilled them on the grill and they were quite good. Try the different "flavors" and pick one that you like. Another find of mine has been Bratos. These are 1/2 pork and 1/2 soy protein and you should be able to find them with the Bocca burgers or with the organic products at your supermarket. They come in regular and spicy, they are like sausages, and they are 3 points each. I use them in Italian casseroles and on pizza. They are very good. Try something new!!!


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    Ginny, we must be separated at birth or something, because I do the same thing with my Boca burgers - grilled peppers and onions! Add a little 50% Cabot cheddar, a one point roll, and I have a great meal!

    I have tried a lot of the veggie burgers and prefer the Bocas to the rest, myself. The Chef's blend or flame grilled at the best for me, and seem to cook better than the Vegan or roasted veggies. But the latter are only 1 point whereas the Chef's blend or flame grilled are 2 points.

    I think the key is to try them and see what you think. Everyone has a different taste for what they like, and once you find something, stick to that!
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