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Thread: Weighing versus measuring

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    judyo53 Guest


    I just read something in the Kashi cereal thread that had me thinking of something I come up against every day. I've noticed that if I measure things in a cup, such as ice cream (I pack it in there), 1/2 cup of my ice cream does not weigh out at 4 oz., more like 2.6 or something similar. I was weighing everything before & started measuring items that would measure easily, like ice cream, milk & other liquids, etc. I now only weigh things like cereal, crunchy snacks, etc.

    So what is correct? If you can measure something perfectly in a measuring cup, are you going over your points if you weigh it instead & get more than you would have from that cup? I've also heard about the fact that there are differences between liquid & solids but I've never seen a label on measuring cups stating that they were for one or the other. I guess it's not a huge deal but I'm just curious.

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    I know it's confusing.
    1/2 cup is 4 fluid ounces not 4 ounces by weight.
    I don't know of a way to convert them directly so I don't see how you could create a measuring cup by non fluid ounce. 1/2 cup of icecream would weigh different from 1/2 cup of cool whip.
    I use this site
    Nutrition Analysis Tool to find out how much stuff weighs.
    For example if I want to have a cup of raspberries I go to the site go through the steps to find raspberries then there is a drop down list of how many grams each measurement weights. In this case 1 cup = 123 grams.
    I even weigh liquids since it's easier for me to put my glass on the scale and weigh what I put into it rather than dirty a measuring cup. My milk is 245 grams per cup.

    I'm a total freak about measuring. But that's just me.
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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    Judy if I have a solid item that has grams or ounces I weigh it...I never do cereal or chips by the cup or count.

    Like was stated 1/2 cup is only 4 ounces if it is liquid.

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    362436 Guest


    Know this about ice cream (very tricky)...they whip air into the ice cream and different producers whip different amounts of air. They can stretch their product this way and increase profit. So, depending upon the brand 1/2 cup will vary in weight/volume(melted). -And of course depending upon the kind of ice cream plain vanilla versus rocky road will vary in weight. Therefore, I don't know what is the most accurate method of measurement for ice cream.


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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    The grams on the label for ice cream should be accurate to weigh measure the ice cream.

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    judyo53 Guest


    Thanks everyone!

    Joanne-Your being a freak about measuring has sure done you good! I caught your pics a while back & you look fantastic! Thanks for the link, that's a new one for me. I added it to my Favorites.

    Kelly-I figured you'd answer & almost addressed this question directly to you - LOL! I do weigh all dry items & I now understand better about how to "weigh" liquids.

    Mary-Your ice cream answer started confusing me again, & it makes sense, until Kelly explained about the grams. So I grabbed my ice cream container (& my reading glasses) & saw the grams listed.

    Just bought a new kitchen scale that has oz. & grams (my other one has grams & lbs.-that lbs. feature doesn't get used). I bought it because it was little & cute & figured I could take it out with me to restaurants & be somewhat inconspicuous if I feel the urge to weigh something, but it's so small you can't just set your plate on it. So I devised another way (little plastic container).

    Grams vs. ounces, now I understand! Duh!

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    Hi, All.

    First post here. Been lurking for a couple of months -- time to join in.

    I get point values for most dry items in ounces and pounds and WEIGH them -- religiously. Seems more accurate to me than trying to figure out, for example, how many grapes I can stuff into a measuring cup. There are a few exceptions -- sugar by the teaspoon, bread, cheddar cheese, and ham by the slice, and generic items such as eggs and bananas that have point values based on single units.

    Take care...

    -- Peter --

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    Not a prob Judy.

    FYI I find I can get a more accurate count with things like chips if I weigh them because they usually say something like about 15 chips or xx grams. I always find it looks like more because of the broken chips if I weigh them.

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    In case anyone wonders, 28 grams equals 1 ounce (dry weight).
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    Hi Peter,

    1st, Welcome to BCB!!!

    I'm with you, too hard to try & gues what's a cup, etc.. I have my scale right on the counter & weigh everthing same as you!! Seems more accurate and just makes more sense to me (especially since I only get a 20 point target --- I want to make the most of all the points I get!!)

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    Thanks, Joanna!

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    Blending more air into ice cream obviously makes it cheaper to produce (air doesn't cost anything) and of course lowers the calories (air has no points.) The super premium companies are very proud of the fact that their products have very, very little air, which adds to their rich dense flavor.

    I've always purchased the cheaper brands (less fat, more air) because they were less caloric and easier to digest. The trade-off was more sugar. Now that there are brands like Blue Bunny and Edys going sugar-free, this is eliminated.

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    While we are on the subject, could you all tell me what brand scale you use for grams? Thanks! I have been wanting to get one, but don't want to spend the money on one that is no good.

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    judyo53 Guest


    The tiny one I got from BB&B is a Polder. I like it & you can actually fit it in your purse, but as I wrote above you can't put a plate on it since it would cover the entire scale & you wouldn't be able to read it. But it does Tare & also has oz. & seems to have other features that I need to re-read about...I hate instruction booklets! I believe it was $25-$30.

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    raidermom Guest


    Mine is a Salter scale. I chose it for two reasons, one, it has an easy to clean GLASS surface, not a plastic one that will scratch, stain, and retain odors. And two, America's Test Kitchen rated it number one about a year or two ago.

    It has the tare feature, ounces or grams, and I can place a plate or saucepan on top. It is also attractive enough to leave on my counter.

    It weighs in 1/8 oz increments up to 5 lbs, and 1/4 oz increments from 5-11 pounds. 2 gram increments up to 2 kg, and 5g increments from 2kg-5kg.

    I paid around $60 for it at Linens & Things...I'm very impressed with this scale still and I would purchase it again in a heartbeat.

    Here's a pic:

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    Thanks Cheryl and Judyo! I'm off to go shopping tomorrow. Cheryl, it doesn't matter that yours only measures every 2 grams? I would probably be using it for cereals and other things like chips and crackers that list the grams on the label.

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    There is a Salter, with a stainless steel removable top (for cleaning), that measures single grams and up to 12 pounds I believe.

    Around $60 at King Arthur catalogue~

    (I've got my eye on it... )
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    raidermom Guest


    Originally posted by jandlsmom:
    it doesn't matter that yours only measures every 2 grams? I would probably be using it for cereals and other things like chips and crackers that list the grams on the label.
    I mention the 2 gram increments because there are quite a few scales out there that measure in 5 gram increments. This scale is one of the more sensitive ones.

    Carol - single grams? Cool! Will this be your "reward" for GBTG? Sounds like a good one...go for it! [img]graemlins/thumbup.gif[/img]

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    Cheryl, my little WW scale pales in comparison to that piece of machinery!! I'm gonna check that out, so thanks for the pic and info! That would be a good postal scale for eBay use, too...hmmm.. [img]graemlins/thumbup.gif[/img]
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    Thanks Cheryl. I haven't looked at scales at all so wasn't aware that weighing in single grams was unusual. :rolleyes: I am thinking that a digital scale will really help me out since it is easy to squeeze in a few more chips,etc.on the old weight watchers scale!

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    judyo53 Guest


    Gee, I didn't know my "mini" purse sized scale was so special, as it weighs in single grams.

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    Sounds like a business expense, Katie! [img]graemlins/thumbup.gif[/img]

    ALL our scales are "special", but the ones that do single grams are extra-special! LOL~
    May you be happy. May you be well. May you be free from suffering.

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