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Thread: What brands of milk products have the least points

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    Originally posted by bskc1991:
    The nature of clinical trials and scientific studies being what they are
    I think this is where the misunderstandings lie. Back in grad school I was involved in a number of studies that were published in professional journals (yep, with my name on them) & I know that research can, & often is, written in such a way as to "prove" the sponsors point of view or the researcher's pet theory. I'm very skeptical of believing every new theory that comes out, but most people have little or no knowledge of research methods & just accept whatever they hear on tv or from their friends or read in a magazine as fact.

    Anyway, this is getting way off topic. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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    I think I'm the queen of skeptics (just ask my DD how I used to critique all the commercials on TV! ), and you can certainly lie with statistics. But it seems that more & more information is being publicized about the benefits of dairy, so that's when I began to perk up my ears. And even more than that, since WW includes dairy prominently in their plan, I feel that we should make every attempt to include it in our daily menus. And especially since I'm rapidly approaching 50, I need it for my bones, and I've read numerous places that food sources are better than supplements.

    And I won't start a debate here, but there are many at BCB that believe that if you're following Weight Watchers, you should follow the entire plan and not pick & choose which parts to follow. So, in other words, there's plenty of controversy about that subject! But, as we all know, our weight-loss journeys are totally personal, so hopefully we can all find what we have in common and not focus on what we do differently. [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]

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