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Thread: Is Dottie wrong or is it subway?

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    Dottie has the new Subway wrap,just the wrap, listed as(130 cal/2.5 g fat/11 g fiber/16 carbs)= 1 point Suway has the wrap listed as (200 cal/2 g fat/1 fiber/39 carbs). Ok, hang in there, im getting to the confusing part. The subway Chicken Bacon Wrap Melt(Atkins friendly) is listed on as having 19 carbs. So how can the wrap alone have 39 and the sand have 19? Also, it clearly states Atkins wrap on the for that info. UGGGGGGGG Help!

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    Subway has conflicting info on their site. See the post titled "Wraps from Subway" in this forum.

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    The Atkins Friendly Wheat Wraps are the 130 cal ones; Subways used to offer a wrap (and some still do) that was just a flour tortilla that was 200 cal.

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    I have emailed Subway asking them to clear up the confusion of the Atkins Friendly Wrap. They do have this item listed on their site in two different places with two totally different nutritional values.
    I will let you know if I get an answer.
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    I emailed Subway to ask them which of the two nutritional values they had listed on their site pertaining to the Atkins Friendly Wrap was correct. They responded and stated that the Wrap is 130 cal/ 2.5g Fat/ 11g Fiber. They have corrected the wrong information on their site so we are all on the same page.
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