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    I just read an article that said many common foods, including Thomas' English Muffins and Lean Cuisine, contain trans fats. It also says the FDA has ordered manufacturers to include trans fatty acid content on food labels beginning in 2006 and that we should limit our combined caloric intake of trans and saturated fats to 10 percent of our daily value.

    I usually consider myself "aware" of new health/diet issues, but I am at a loss on this topic. Are there any good links for more information or can you tell me other popular foods that contain trans fats?
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    Here are some threads from here on the BCB about trans fats

    Interesting article on healthier food to come

    trans fat

    Here are a few from the net
    trans fat

    nutrition action


    FDA nutrition labeling

    There are lots more out there just search for "trans fat"

    Hope that helps!
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    I look at it this way since I have been eating these things with transfats from way back when I was a kid I ain't gonna worry about it. My diet is much healthier now with more cooking and less convienence foods so these things when I eat them oh well...

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    I look very closely at what foods contain trans-fats. I do eat foods that have it, but only if it is way down in the list of ingredients. If I can find a substitute for something that has trans-fats, I always get that.

    There is one exception to that and it's PB. I was eating the natural PB, which has no added trans-fats, but I switched to the Peter Pan Whipped PB simply because of the difference in the points.
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    For the last three weeks I have started buying MINIMAL items with trans-fats. I did buy 2 LC pizzas but I am checking EVERY label. I was amazed at how many are in foods. I also do a lot of shopping in the health food section.

    I would just read the labels. I know that I was shopping for croutons, for example, that 3 out of the four brands I looked at had transfats but the last one didn't! The "good" foods are out there right next to the "bad" offenders. Don't think because one cereal has trans fats that they all do. Just read, read, read. It was much easier to find healthier products than I thought it would be.
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    I just want to weigh in that I have known about trans fat since 1987 when my high school biology teacher mentioned it. I remember her telling us that the structure of the fat changed, making the molecules "tackier" and that some people speculated it could cause health problems.

    It is very ironic that we developed a fat to replace saturated fat that is actually more harmful than saturated fat. What I understand is that one gram of trans fat is about as bad as two grams of saturated fat (when you are worried about cholesterol and your heart). Calories are the same of course. Actually healthier to fry in lard than in crisco or any shortening.

    It is in any food that has the words "partially hydrogenated oil" listed as an ingredient. Foods preserve better using solids oils such as these, and so food companies have been using them for years because the public was afraid of lard. Could we have shot ourselves in the foot any worse?

    Anyways, if you have a Whole Foods in your area, there stores carry NO foods with trans fatty acids whatsoever. Otherwise, check your labels for partially hydrogenated oils. Of course, I would take butter over margarine unless you want one of the specialty margarines.

    Since the doctor told me I had high cholesterol, I've been buying my potato chips at Whole Foods, or buying Baked Lays. Also, I haven't had any french fries.

    If you don't have health concerns, I would treat it just like saturated fat - try to limit it sensibly, but don't get too concerned. Our WW diet is so healthy if we follow it we don't need to be too concerned.


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    I have to carefully check labels for trans fats, or hydrogenated oils (or partially hydrogenated) because I have a food intolerance... the gas/upset stomach I get from these oils is worse than lactose intolerance!
    It's very frustrating, because they are EVERYWHERE
    I basically have given up on buying anything premade for myself, except bread and a couple FF items at Trader Joes!
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