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Thread: points question/costco?

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    nursey Guest


    Hey buddies --
    I am posting this in a few places cuz I am desperate for an answer! LOL Does anyone know how many points the Costco/kirkland vanilla yogurt w/ rasberries sundae is??? I thought it was like 6??? I had it for lunch, thinking I had a paper at home w/ the points.. but I can't find it! I still have 35 flex points, so I am "OK" But I would like to know what it is for future as well. I couldn't find anything on DWLZ or costco's site!
    Thanks for any info you may have! Amy

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    I love Costco's Berry Sundae, too! However, since I once calculated it out to 12 pts., I now order half of one (and offer to pay full price). Then it is 6 pts., and I get the frozen yoghurt I want without getting sick from so much sugar.


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    nursey Guest


    Wow I guess it is true... ignorance is bliss! (temporarily lol) Thanks for letting me know... looks like salad for dinner!

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    Costco Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, 8 oz is 180 cal/0 g fat/0 g fiber or 4. I am trying to recall but I think they use 12 ounces of it in the Sundaes.

    The Berry Blend they use is purchased inside and is 1 point per cup. The juice forms naturally when the berries are thawed.

    I know this because I have a friend who works in the 'kitchen' area at Costco.

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