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Thread: FibreOne extra fibre.. oxymoron?

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    I got some fibreone to make the muffins someone posted with a brownie mix. I saw fibreone w/EXTRA fibre! its got a whopping 13g of fibre in onehalf cup and its only 50 calories. Geeha.. do you even count that??

    I think next time Im having 'trouble' Ill forgo the 'smooth moving' tea and go for the cereal, That would get anyone moving.


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    That is where you use some common sense. Remember even though the high fiber makes it appear to be '0'points it still has 50 calories. I had a discussion the other day at the official W/W board and they are counting a 60 cal/2 fat/9 fiber tortilla as '0'. That is fine if it is an occassional thing but these people were making things and wraps and calling it zero points.

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    My comment was more tounge in cheek but thanks for the response The only thing I dont count is veggies. I do count everything else (well accept 1 eggwhite which is a whopping 10-15 calories depending on who you ask)

    I was just making comment about the amt of fibre in such a small serving of food.


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    I use WW online. They say 1/2 c = 0 points. I figure that if I consistently use their points values, I'm ok.
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