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    I was able to find the DaVinci SF vanilla syrup at my WalMart and like it a lot. Tried the hazelnut SF but didn't care for it. I'd like to order some online but don't know which to buy. Which are favorites of BCB'ers? I was especially curious about cinnamon and caramel. Thanks in advance!
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    It seems the buddies have widely ranging tastes on DV syrups. I think the only unanimous call is that the Peanut Butter Flavor is horrible. [img]tongue.gif[/img] I have way too many flavors (about 30) [img]odear.gif[/img] at my house so it's hard to choose favorites. Personally, I love the Hazelnut in coffee and chocolate smoothies. My latest kick has been Amaretto in pumpkin. Soooooooooooooo good. I love the French Vanilla too. I have a bottle of the cinnamon but to me it's the hot cinnamon like the candy rather than the baking kind of flavor. I haven't found a use for it yet. The fruit flavors are great for smoothies and sodas. They have a German Chocolate Cake and a Cookie Dough flavor that I like to put in milk and freeze then shave with my ice shaver.
    Oooh and sometimes I mix Raspberry and White Chocolate flavors in the milk. OMG it is so yummy.
    I could go on and on. If you have Marshalls or TJMaxx nearby you can sometime find DV there for a little less than online and no shipping.
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    Ooops, forgot to mention since you asked specifically, Carmel is really good too IMHO.
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    I use the caramel syrup constantly... in oatmeal, on apples, in drinks... the list goes on.

    I also really like the French vanilla, cookie dough, and German chocolate cake.
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