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    Does anyone have the points or nutrition information for any of the soups from Hale and Hearty?

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    Cammie: YOu must be a New Yorker.
    Since Hale and Hearty does not have a website, your best bet is to stick with the soups that are listed as low fat -- because I know someone who USED to be a chef there... and, um, well... let's just say that the small mulligatawney was about 10 points.

    (but, don't you love their bread?)
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    LOL!! I am a New Yorker. I try to stay away from their soups for the most part because they don't have nutrition info, but I just had this urge for Broccoli and Cheese soup. It was really good, but very salty so that in inself is enough for me to stay away from their soups. The bread IS good! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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