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Thread: Welsch cookies/griddle cakes

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    Well, they are a weakness of mine, and so I indulged.

    Does anyone know what the point value of one cookie would be (it was probably 3" diameter)????

    Also, if we ever make them again ourselves... what is the best substitute for lard??

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    You can go to and find a similar recipe, and try to figure the points that way. Other than that, you'd just have to figure the points for each ingredient you put in, and then divide by the number of cookies that came out.
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    Welcome to Girlinmotions Estimation Method:
    Your welsh cookie was 3". A welsh cookie is similar to a scone, but fried right? A 2" biscuit or scone is about 3 points. So for your larger thing, plus some butter from the frying I figure you should probably count 5 points.
    As for the lard substitute. A frequent fat substitute is apple sauce. You could also use lower fat margerine, or try fat-free sour cream or yogourt if you don't want the apple taste. You may have to work on the recipe a bit though. Lard/shortening based doughey textures are hard to replicate low fat. Muffins etc. are much easier.

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    thanks for all your help!

    5 is a lot less than what I was thinking, but I like the number. I'll have to try to workout a substitute for the lard.....


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