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Thread: Do 2 slices of Kraft FF Cheese count as a milk?

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    I'm at work, and I know two slices of Kraft Fat Free American cheese are 1 points (0 fiber, 60 calories and 0 fat), but is there enough calcium and protein for them to count as a milk? I didn't look at that on the label this morning, and I am a fanatic about keeping my journal exact up to the minute!

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    I'd think so. I don't use the Fat Free but I use the 2% and do count them as milk servings. I think if 2 slices of the FF had the same amount of protein as 1 cup of Skim Milk it would be OK to count. I know the calcium would be enough.
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    I just looked on Nutritional Analysis Tool and a cup of skim milk has 8 g of protein. The Kraft Free singles had 4 for the 2/3 oz slices and 4.4 for the 3/4 oz slices. I know the 2% slices vary in size depending on the package size. The 16 slice package contains 3/4oz slices and the 24 slice package contains 2/3oz slices. Probably the same for FF. I'd say 2 slices could count as a milk.
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    To be counted as a milk, the cheese must contain 25% of your daily calcium requirement.

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    AND 5g or more protein according to our leader. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    Acc. to the Week One Flex Points book, "cheese, hard or semi-soft, any type, 1 1/2 oz." , which would be 2 slices [img]smile.gif[/img] , does count as a milk serving.

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