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    Before your next visit to Wendys everyone should check out their website It has the complete nutritional listing for all (and I mean all) of their foods. You can even go though and choose what you will be ordering and put it through a calculator that will give you complete totals for fat, calories, fiber and lots more..even down to the pickles and ketchup! It's a real eye opener for anyone who loves fast food.
    Check it out sometime.
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    McDonalds website has the same thing where you can customize your foods.

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    Here's the site for Sonic.

    Sonic Drive-in
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    jack in the box, Burger king, whataburger, mcdonalds, sonic, wendys, KFC all have nutritional info on their sites.

    for a rather extensive list of restraurants , fat and such AND points.. I would check dotti's


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    Great posts everyone. I love those places.

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