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Thread: Smart Ones Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

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    Has anyone else tried these bars? They are cookies and cream ice cream with chocolate cookie crumbs on the outside frozen on a stick like a brown cow. These are absolutely far the best low fat ice cream treat I have ever had. They are fairly large as well. I could give up real ice cream forever (and it is my favorite treat) with these things. And they are only two points each. Well worth it. They are expensive at $4.59/box of 6, but in my honest opinion they are well worth it.
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    I haven't seen these nor tasted them, but they sound yummy. I'll have to keep an eye out for them.
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    The new smartones sundae cups are devoon as well. Its icecream with chocolate on the bottom. Ive not seen the cookies n cream. DH would like those!

    Also the Dryers Sugarfree Triple chocolate icecream is delicious. Its chocolate icecream with chocolate chunks and swirls of chocolate syrup. Its 1.5pts per serving.

    Seems unfair you try to choose the best alternative as far as sweet treats and they charge an arm and a leg.


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