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Thread: Need Answer Fast, Olive Oil/Canola Spray?

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    Band Mom Guest


    I am making a dish tonight that calls for 1 T olive oil to cook some veg in until soften. If I were to not use the olive oil and use my canola spray would I subtract the cal. from the olive oil from the recipe?

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    girlinmotion Guest


    Yes. I would. Subtract the calories/points for the oil. If you normally count points for your usual non-stick spray don't forget to add them (some are not fat free)

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    Band Mom Guest


    Thanks. That will lower the points alittle.

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    Pretty much all of those sprays have points, if you used enough to equal the olive oil in the recipe. I find the nutrition info misleading, because it is just oil that mists so finely the calories are nominal. Further, the serving size says 1 second spray. If you read the fine print, a 7 second spray has 10 calories and a gram of fat, which essentially means 100% fat, like any other oil.

    Hope that helps.
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