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Thread: Could someone help me with points on this stroganoff dish?

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    HI! My family loves my quick beef stroganoff, so I created a new much ligher version and would love some help with the points for someone who has the Master Cook (or is it Master Chef) program, or the WW online recipe builder program. Here goes!

    1 lb box of spiral pasta cooked as directed
    2 lb bag of frozen brocolli
    1 lb. lean ground turkey (pre cook weight)
    2 cans 98% fat free cream of mushroom soup
    1 cup FF milk
    10 oz velvetta light
    Mrs. Dash, Garlic, onion powder, ground pepper to taste

    I boiled the pasta and steamed the brocolli. While they were cooking I browned the ground turkey and rinsed it under hot water. I added the remaining ingredients to the ground turkey and heated until the cheese was melted. Then I combined all ingredients.

    I would like a one cup serving points idea. I'm guessing 4-5, but would like a more specific idea if anyone can help!


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    I couldn't find the points for the fat free mushroom soup unless it was mixed with milk, so used regular in the calculation with the recipe builder. It's pretty high point...I got 20 points for 4 servings, but when I put in 10 servings, I got 8 points per serving using regular soup. With a whole pound of pasta, it would probably make quite a lot. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    Oh it made a huge pot! At least 12 cups if not more. Thanks for the data! Any one else want to give it a try? I wish I had measured the amount before we ate tonight. Oh well, next time!

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