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    Has anyone ever attempted to figure the points for a burrito or burrito bowl from Chipotle Mexican Grill? I did get some general info from Dotti (, but was curious if anyone has put any thought into this. Thanks in advance!

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    There is another place (and for the life of me I cannot remember what it is called) that is similiar and points are figured but there was an article on how high in cal/fat Chipotle is. I am waiting on them to open one near me though. I would use the general info and do a guestimate if you really want to eat there.

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    Hi There,
    I was just going to post about this. I have been eating Chipotle on WW for about 5 years. I have always guesstimated the points. Dotti's list the amount in ounces that go into each burrito. But now the Center for Science in the Public Interest has studied what they call "fresh mex" and wrote an article on it. It doesn't list all of the items on the menu but it should tell you enough to figure out the points. By the way, I was pretty close with my guessing!

    Here is the link:

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    OH I am so happy to have this info!!! Thank you so much for the link! I've decided that my best choice (based on my personal tastes) at Chipotle is to have the chicken burrito (rice, black beans, chicken, cheese, and salsa), have them cut it in half and wrap the two halves separately, and then save the other half either for dinner or for the next day's lunch. I've calculated the points for each half as about 10.5. Thanks again for the replies!

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    I have been desperately trying to get info on this place, because I love it! I then saw the article, but I actually think this is "do-able" on our way of life...

    Here is what I can figure out...If we get a chicken burrito bol with lettuce as a base rather than rice, it will look like this.
    #Chicken:6pts (4oz plus added fats, a high guesstimate...)
    #Beans:3 pts
    #Rice(ask for just a bit, maybe 1/2 cup) 2pts
    **By the way, I saw the rice being made, it was rice, lime juice and cilantro or whatever the green flecks are**
    #Tons of cubed tomatoes: 0pts
    #Other salsas like the corn: 1pt

    So all of that, 12 points, which is a pretty reasonable meal, since it is so filling, and you are getting some points from protein, and tons of fiber.


    Oh- and the tortilla is 7 points alone, so forgo that, and you are already doing better!
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    One of these just opened near me and I think if you skip the tortilla and just do the burrito bol, you can have a delicous, healthy and satisfying meal for under 10 points. Well worth it! I skip the rice too.
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    I agree that it is totally do-able. It is our Friday night takeout every week! I have a 12 point bowl and 2 points worth of baked Doritos with it. I look forward to every Friday! [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]
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    I am such a dork. I posted that website that was already posted - sorry buds. But the calories for that place - OUCH!

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    jmsgemini, unless your Chipotle is different than mine, there is oil in the rice. When I asked at the Chipotle where I go every week (with my DD, right after we WI at WW ), they told me the rice has fat in it--I saw them pouring some liquid out of a plastic bottle and mixing it with the rice, salt and cilantro. My guess is that the bottle contained lime juice mixed with oil.
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