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    OK, so I can have 29-31 points plus the 35 flexipoints for the week. How does that break down in the different food groups? Or is it any which way I want?

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    In week 6 they give you info on eating balanced (or by the numbers) along with a determination if you need more or less carbs to be satisified.

    Eating by the Numbers is as follows:

    COMPLEX CARBS - 6-9points a day
    PROTEIN - 6-8 points a day
    FATS - 2-3 points a day
    DAIRY - 4-6 points a day
    FRUITS/VEGGIES - 0-3 points a day

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    The different Points Targets go by weight. For someone who is 250-274lbs the Daily Points Target is 30 points. Each week you are given 35 Flexpoints to use as you see fit.
    WW does not restrict you in anyway on your food choices, but there are 8 Good Health Habits they recommend you adopt. These are VERY common sense habits that any dietitian would recommend. Here's the list of Good Health Habits...paraphrased by me.

    • PORTION CONROL - watch your potion sizes</font>
    • FRUITS & VEGGIES - have at least 5 servings a day.</font>
    • DAIRY - At least 2 servings a day.....more if you are a teen or nursing.</font>
    • GRAINS - Be sure to include grains....ESPECIALLY whole grains in your diet.</font>
    • PROTEIN - One to two servings of lean protein is needed each day.</font>
    • FATS & SUGARS - use these sparingly.</font>
    • MULTIVITAMINS - take them!</font>
    • WATER - Drink lots!</font>


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    Marishka: YOu might be missing the point. NO, you don't have 29-31 points a day. It's one or the other (or neither -- depending on your weight and most Target points are even numbers). I don't know how you came up with 29-31. There is no longer a range. Look back in your materials -- it's on page 6 of the new getting started Week one book...

    Kelly's info is right on target--and no, you may certainly NOT eat the points any which way. The way to lose weight is to eat your target points nutriously -- and then, use some of the 35 flex for the fun foods -- alcohol, extra fats, and sugars... Good luck.
    SW:197 GW:152 CW:148 Height: 5'6<br />Been at goal since July 1999<br />If I can do it, ANYone can.

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    Originally posted by rouenmom:
    and no, you may certainly NOT eat the points any which way. The way to lose weight is to eat your target points nutriously -- and then, use some of the 35 flex for the fun foods -- alcohol, extra fats, and sugars... Good luck.
    Mom, I totally agree with you about eating your Target Points nutritiously. When I said that you can eat them any way you want I meant that in the context of other 'diets.' As in - WW does not say all _________ are off limits like those other horrible diets that are, IMO, unhealthy and unrealistic! WW is a lifestyle that a person can live with for the rest of their lives and not be restricted one bit! They can go to parties and have a little of this and a little of that...and no one is the wiser. I can't imagine doing those OTHER diets for the rest of my life! UG! I like to enjoy life too much! And I can't imagine how you are supposed to keep the weight off for the rest of your life on those other diets when they are, IMO, not feasible for the long haul.
    I follow a 'more healthy' approach (IMO) to WW than most who attend my meetings. DH and I have DRASTICALLY reduced our refined carbs and have replaced them with natural carbs (whole grains and fruits). It appears to me that most of the WW at my meetings are trying to see how many chips or candies they can get for a point. Which, is fine for them, but I want to feel my best!

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