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    Band Mom Guest


    What are the points for a Plain med size Baked Potato?

    In my WW list it has a fast food sourcream & chives baked potato for 8 pts. Wouldn't most of the pt come from the sourcream?

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    According to the Food Companion book, a 10 ounce uncooked potato - plain is 3 points

    Hope that helps! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    8 oz cooked or 10 oz uncooked is 3 points.

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    Band Mom Guest


    Thanks, Does anyone eat a potato uncooked?

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    Actually yes I do eat raw potatoes but they give it more so you can measure a potato raw and know that when you cook it that is should cook up to about 8 ounces and also so when you figure points for recipes.

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    Catrina Guest


    I used to eat raw potatoes when I was younger. When I peeled them for mashed potatoes I used to peel an extra one just for me to eat.

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