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Thread: Sugar Free Chai?

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    Does Da Vinci (or any other company) make a sugar free chai syrup (or mix)? I thought I saw it somewhere on a board, but I just checked the DaVinci website and it doesn't look like it. Thanks.

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    DaVinci makes a sugar-free chai. It is usually listed under the teas.

    IMO, it is not v good. I much prefer the slightly sweet chai from Oregon company.
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    I've seen the sugared Chai mix from DaVinci, but not the sugar free. However, I found Chai tea bags at the store and made a wonderful concoction with those, some SF DaVinci's vanilla syrup, and some skim milk! That is a wonderful zero - one point (depending on amt of milk) that I plan to enjoy all winter long! Have fun!

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    I make my own chai using tea bags as well (Tetley, Lipton, Starbucks brand, and Presidents Choice are all decent). You can make it by steeping the tea bag in either water or milk. Then add your favourite sweetener. If you make it with water and splenda and a dash of milk you get a nice tasting chai for 0 points! To make it more authentically you simmer black tea and spices in milk and add sweetener, you can get recipes in any indian cookbook or online. The main spices are cinnamon, coriander and pepper.
    Hope that helps!

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    Kristin, I buy the SF Davinci Chai Tea, and I really like it. Of course, I haven't tried a lot of others. I heat up milk (soy or dairy), steep a tea bag in it, add the Davinci, and whatever sweetness I want. Yum!
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    I have the DaVinci SF Chai too (bought it at Marshalls or TJMaxx for $5.99). I add it to yogurt. It is delicious.

    You can also buy it from where they have all of the 30 or so SF flavors. Do a search under the brand name DaVinci. There is a flat $5.00 shipping charge.


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