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Thread: Ive read 3 different point value of a banana...

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    so which is it?! I dont get the tiny dinky ones.. you cant even find them here so the ones I get are medium. the Very large ones just look crude *grin* so I look for a nice medium size when I buy and we go through tons of bananas. Ive been counting them as 1.5pts but I see they are 2 points??


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    I pretty much always count bananas as 2 points.

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    i always was told a banana is 2 points so i always count mine as 2
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    The new complete food companion has bananas listed as
    1 small - 6" to 6 7/8"long is 1 point
    1 medium - 7" to 7 7/8"long is 2 points
    it has measurements for large and xtra large all being 2 points.

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    The ones I got are about 6.5in long so my assumption of 1.5pts is pretty accurate. according to that little chart it would be 1 pt [img]smile.gif[/img]

    but its nice to know I can get the great bigguns and they wont be 3pts but 2.



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