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Thread: Cough syrup..........does it have any points??

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    I know this may sound odd to some, but I was surprised when I found out that cough drops DO have points. Just curious to find out if cough syrup does b/c I have a pretty bad cold, but want to use it minimally if it has any point value. Thank you for your response.
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    I have been told you never have to count points for medicines. Even cough drops, if I am using them to control a cough, I don't count them. Be well!

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    Don't count it. If a cough syrup did have points, they would me minimal, especially at the amount you are using. The drug itself would not count and they the flavor would just be a little sugar. I wouldn't worry about it.
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    When your body is sick and healing it uses more calories to heal. While some BCBers in the past have said to count calories my leader recommended not to because of that fact. Syrup is mostly sugar based and does have calories just like Nyquil. Don't worry about it eat and take your meds.

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