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    I know that some BCB will be able to answer this question for me.

    I have a box of Orville Redenbacher's Smart Pop! Kettle Korn (microwave bags) I have been tring to figure out the points and serving size. This is the Nutrition facts from the box.
    Serving size 3 TBbsp. unpopped (make about 7 cups popped)
    Servings Per Bag: about 2

    Calories of 1 cup popped 20
    Total Fat 2.5* Amount in unpopped. As popped. 1 cup provides 0g fat
    Dietary Fiber 6g

    When I use my Point Calc. 20 cal 0 fat 4 fiber (we don't count any more than 4) it comes to 0 points. So I did it this way 20 cal 2,5 fat 4 fiber = 0.

    Question, how many cups is in the popped bag? Is the seving size 7 cups popped?

    So would it be 7 cups x 20 cal = 140 cal 0 fat and 4 fiber? = 2 points

    So if I just eat 1 cup would it be 0 points?

    How many points for the whole bag? 14 cups x 20 cal 0 fat = 5

    Does this look right?


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    Here is a post about popcorn points from Dottis
    Dottis popcorn points
    Hope that helps!!
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    Thanks for the link. After I did all the calculating I did come up with the right points. 5 for the bag. Some food points are very questionable.

    Again thanks. You can always find a buddy that will help. BCB's are the best [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]

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