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Thread: How do you calculate points?

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    Sahara Guest


    If you eat multiple servings of certain foods like high fiber bread how do you calculate your points? Do you figure out the point value for a serving size and then multiply the points by number of servings or do you add up the calories/fat/fiber and recalculate the points? In this way you lose out on the fiber benefit and the point value goes up.


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    The correct and most efficient way to calculate points for multiple servings of food is to multiply the nutritional info by the number of servings and then recalculate the points. For example: Tuna. 80 cal, zero fiber 1 fat is 2 points. If you were to eat 2 portions (this is the 2 oz portion) the OLD way is to double the points, so 4. The better way is 160 cal, 0 fiber, 2 fat = 3 points. There are many foods that do not quite DOUBLE when you have two of them, and there are some that more than double. (Remember, you can only CALCULATE up to 4 grams of fiber... so if a food has 3 gm fiber and you eat two portions, it becomes 4 gm fiber, no matter what.
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    The fibre cap doesnt apply to ALL the WW versions however from my understanding (I use it because I dont have the tools for calculating w/higher fibre [img]tongue.gif[/img] ) but whats the rule for flexpoints? still the 4pt cap?


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    I believe there is still the 4 point cap w/ FP.
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    Yes, there is still a cap on fiber in Flex Points. The new slider only goes up to 4 just like in Winning Points.
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    crazyeights Guest


    If you want to figure your points without the 4 gram fiber cap, you can use the mathematical equation that the points system is based on.

    calories - (fiber grams x 10) divided by 50
    add that number to fat grams divided by 12 and you will get your points total.


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    And, if you use that formula, there will be some foods that will calculate to zero, giving you false security, that no matter how much of them you eat, you aren't 'eating' them because they don't count. This is the reason we started capping fiber at 4 grams in the first place. People were eating boxes and boxes of Kashi To Good Friends, and Fiber ONe, and All Bran thinking they had zero points... when they stopped losing weight they wondered why. BECAUSE THEY STILL HAVE CALORIES! !! !! !! So, if you want continued success, go with the 4 gram fiber cap, and if a food multiplies to more than 4 gm of fiber... well, call it 4, have integrity, and just go with it. You'll be glad you did. Have a wonderful night -- and wishing you only weight loss, and good experiences on program.
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    Sahara Guest


    Thanks everyone for your insight and advice. I joined WW when the fiber cap was in effect so I'm used to capping at 4 gms and will continue to do so. I just wanted to make sure I am counting my points the right way. I've already begun adding up nutrition information for multiple servings and sometimes it works out to more points but sometimes it comes to less!

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