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    Anyone know if they publish nutritional info anywhere for Homemade Gourmet? A friend is selling it and I'd like to help her out but don't want to get stuff I wouldn't choose to eat. Any help is appreciated.
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    You can call them toll free at 888-477-2848 and ask. Didn't find a site listing all of it using Google.

    This was in the Faqs section of their web site:

    Q. How many calories/how much fat is in the finished product?

    A: Homemade Gourmet is currently developing a comprehensive listing of calorie and fat content contained in finished products/prepared dishes. As you can imagine, with all the options available to you, this is quite an undertaking! In the meantime, in addition to nutritional panels on our mix labels, please refer to information on any additional ingredients’ food labels, or contact R&D with further questions regarding Homemade Gourmet mix ingredients and nutritional content.

    You could probably use some of them with oil and egg substitutes but you'd still want to know what's in the basic mix before you start. Sounds like they have the info with reference to "nutritional panels on our mix labels".

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