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    Ok heres the situation. I work at Pizza Hut and at the Holiday Inn.
    At Pizza Hut we have no microwave or stove...just the pizza oven.
    At Holiday Inn I work weddings so don't have time to sit down to a meal and usually work from noon to 8 which leads me to pick all day.
    What are some healthy food choices I could brown bag with me. For the Hut I can use a fridge so it really isnt too much of a big deal to take yougurt and stuff.
    But at HI I dont have time to run to the kitchen every time I am hungary so I never can think of what i can take that will fill me but wont spoil.
    Has anyone conqured this? If so can You guys give me some food tips? [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Fruit is always a good choice. Some no points vegetables. And one thing that I've grown to love--I know it sounds weird, but I open a can of kidney beans, rinse, put it in a ziplock bag, and I can eat it right out of the bag. The whole can--depending on the brand is only 3 points and it is very filling.
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    How about a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich? I use light bread and smuckers light sugar free jam. A pria bar, fruit, or dry cereal.

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    Fruit such as a bag of grape, pre-peeled orange sections, banana, plums etc.
    Veggie sticks or cherry tomatoes. V8 juice boxes.
    Dried fruit, or those dried fruit bars.
    Individual pudding, fruit or apple sauce cups, most don't need refrigeration.
    Crackers and laughing cow cheese wedges (the wedges should be fine for a few hours).
    Sandwhiches made with cheese, mustard, hummus, veggies, and obviously PBJ should all keep out of the fridge for the day (just don't use mayo or creamy dressing).
    Even a subway veggie+cheese with mustard or vinaigrette as a sauce would keep well.
    If you have access to boiling water (some places keep it on hand for tea) can be used to make oat meal, light hot chocolate, or cup-of-soups
    I like to snack on dry cereal sometimes (my favourites are corn bran squares and cinnamon puffins)
    A baggie of Crispy Minis flavoured rice cakes or other light chips or crackers is a good snack
    Skim Mozzarella cheese sticks (cheeze strings) keep out of the fridge for quite a while too
    Yogourt is fine for quite a few hours

    If you want to bring a meat sandwhich, or like things colder, what about an ice pack? They sell the small plastic picnic ones that are perfect. You might want to get a cloth, insulated lunch bag though. It might make a brown bag soggy.
    I hope that helps!

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