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Thread: How much splenda for 3/4c sugar please?

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    I have the packets but I have alot so Im not worried about using them. How much splenda would I use to replace 3/4 c sugar? 3/4c splenda also? seems like alot. Or perhaps I could half and half it..

    anyone know? Thanks!


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    girlinmotion Guest


    Splenda is measured the same as sugar as far as I know, I use the "granular" Splenda in a box (1cup Splenda can replace 1 cup sugar in most recipes I've tried). I use splenda all the time, the only exceptions I can think of would that it would not work for making caramelized or burnt sugar, and it would not work as an icing sugar.

    I should tell you though, I've never heard of the Splenda packets so I'm not sure about them.

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    JudyD Guest


    The Splenda in the packets are the same as the pourable splenda. It's more convenient and more economical to buy it pourable when you're using large amounts though, like for baking or cooking.

    I always have a few packets of Splenda in my pocketbook though for when I need a sweetener. We drink a lot of tea around here. LOL

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    I have bought the pourable splenda before but it was more 'powdery' and to be honest I thought it tasted different so I went back to the individual packets.

    Man if I want to make these muffins Ill be tearin off a WHOLE lotta packets =) I might get pourable for baking and keep my packets for my tea.

    Thanks guys!


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    JudyD Guest


    That IS a lot of packet tearin'! LOL

    Just wanted to tell you I enjoyed browsing through your site. Nicely done... [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Thank you Judy!

    I did some experimenting. The box of splenda said that 1 packet sweetens like 2tsp of sugar which is about 1 Tbls. There are 12 Tbsp in 3/4cup of sugar so I used just 12 packets which didnt even cover the bottom of the measuring cup. To have put 3/4c splenda in my recipe would have been AWEFUL! I think the packets are differnt than pourable. anyway I used 12packs and the bread did not turn out wonderful but I think if I add a few more packets it will!!!!! It was just not *quite* sweet enough...but almost!

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    Splenda is supposed to measure cup-for-cup like sugar, but I think that tearing open all those packets would take more time than baking the darned thing!

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    The packet Splenda IS NOT the same as the pourable Splenda. You're right that 1 packet = 1 Tbl. I think I've used 16 packets = 1 cup. Just adjust the amount if you want it more sweet!
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    Aphreal: 1 tablespoon is the equivalent of 3 teaspoons.

    one CUP is equal to 16 tablespoons. HOWEVER, you can't go volume for volume because the sweeting power is different in tbe packets (as someone already stated) so be careful, and taste as you go along.

    Then, share the recipe!
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    Im still working on this. I WILL make this fat free sugar free bread hehe. Im up to 18 packets of spenda and I think 2 more will do me. I also have to spray butter the top of the bread and sprinkle a minute amt of sugar on top to keep it from tasting like cardboard.

    Ive baked like 10 loaves haha!!!!!

    BUT they are only 1pt each with raisssssinnnnss!


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