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Thread: Splenda vs Equal

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    Well, I use them both...but since I use very little and seldom...I'm not going to worry about it.
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    Im a Equal fan,through and through.I like everything sweet,my diet soda,coffee etc.Bad, Bad me as Im drinking a Pepsi One right now,lol. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
    Ive tried Splenda,not impressed at all,guess my taste buds are geared for Nutrasweet and reject all else.

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    I've used both Equal and Splenda. I prefer Splenda but when a grocery store had B1G1 Free boxes of 200 packets of Equal plus a 2 dollar's off your next order for every 2 boxes, I got Equal. I go back and forth between the two.
    Neither seems to have an effect on me. Sweet n Low to me is NASTY. It has a terrible aftertaste. It is also cheaper which is why some restaurants carry it only Thats why I keep a little case of my own Equal/Splenda in case this happens.

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