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Thread: question about bananas and slimfast

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    Carianne Guest


    Hi all I was doing this at home for 15 months and just went to first meeting last night any who I have a question I learned something last night and would like some clarification please. I learned that banana which are 2 pts also count as two fruit servings wondering if someone would clarify this for me. Because I have been counting them while I was doing it on my own as only one serving. Also slim fats my leader told me can be used as a dairy requirement and a fruit serving. TIA Hugs and love

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    imported_Kelly_S Guest


    The banana servings stems back to the selection plans and yes it does count as 2 servings if it is 2 points. They are high calorie but oh so good for you. So you got more fruit/veggie servings than you thought however you always knew it was 2 points right?

    I knew that Slimfast could be counted as a dairy but I have never heard of it being counted as a fruit. I don't drink the stuff because I can have more food for the same amount of points as them.

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    Carianne Guest


    Thanks again Kel

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    I wish I knew where I got this but a banana that is 6' is one point, up to 6 1/2 is 1.5pts and over that is 2 points. I saw it on a link that someone gave me here at BCB when I asked about points on bananas. I always measure my nanners because I eat so dog gone many.


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    Tiff, in the Complete Food Companion, a banana is listed as follows:

    1 small (6" to 6 7/8" long)..............1 point
    1 medium (7" to 7 7/8" long).............2 points
    1 large (8" to 8 7/8" long)..............2 points
    1 extra large (9" or longer).............2 points
    sliced, 1 cup............................2 points

    I've always been told that 1 banana is 1 fruit serving.


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    I've been counting a banana as one fruit to be on the safe side...I hear both answers (1 fruit,2 fruits) and no clear solution.

    I usually do a smoothie during the day.

    1 cup skim milk
    1 scoop Slim Fast Soy Protein Poweder in Chocolate Delite
    1 Banana

    This gets in 2 dairy and 1 (or 2) fruit. If I have strawberries around I add those as well.
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    Oops...forgot to add about 1/2 cup of ice.

    Makes it thick, frosty...very "milkshake" like.
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    Thanks tina!


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