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Thread: point value for Chicken helper

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    Hello all, can someone please help me with the point value for chicken helper:
    serving size (1/2cup mix and 1tbsp. cheese sauce)
    Chedder and Mozzerella chicken helper:

    prepared: 340 cal
    1 gram fiber
    total fat grams 13

    the box doesnt specify if that is with the chicken that I add, so Im assuming its not, how would I get an accurate point value for the recipe with the added chicken? (I use boneless, skinless chicken breasts)

    thanks all!

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    I always calculate the points for the mix, unprepared adn then add points for milk, butter and chicken. For boneless, skinless chic breast, it is 1 point per ounce. An average size breast is about 4 oz. Hope this helps.
    Christina<br /><br />158/158/125

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    according to the numbers you supplied, its 7.68pts per half a cup. That is very very little food for that many pnts. ( I used to make chicken helper all the time)

    You can lower it by using skim milk but youll have to adjust the count.


    PS: the mix nut value is for the mix only without chicken. if you use say... 2 breasts and its about 8oz chicken I would Estimate an added 1pt per 1/2cup IF the dish made 8 servings. So your looking at nearly 9pts for one half cup of the finished product.

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