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Thread: Points for Chili's Margarita Grilled Chicken

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    Sahara Guest


    Does anyone know the points for Chili's Margarita Grilled Chicken? I remember seeing it on this site but can't find it now.


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    If it's not in the restraunts on this site, check or (both great food info sites).

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    And, if it's not in either site, extrapolate the points from what you've already learned about being on program. Break down the ingredients.

    You have a piece of chicken in front of you.
    1. How big is it? How much of it did you eat?
    2. If you observed what we say is "ONE" portion, 3 oz, the size of your palm... you've got 3 points.
    3. The sauce: YOu know from experience, that the most points (calorie) dense food is oil. 1 TBS of oil is 3 points. The marinade or sauce can't be more than 3 pt per tbl.
    4. How much marinade was ON the chicken that you actually consumed? Can you estimate how much of it you ate? Did you scrape any off? Did you eat the entire portion of what was set before you?

    Having the information ALWAYS handy is not ALWAYS the best thing for you -- because it keeps you from THINKING and LEARNING. AT some point, this has to start becoming second nature (what if, GOD NO!) WW decides to move AWAY from points... in the future. Then, what will we all do?

    So we have to stop relying on crutches and go with what we know... Ya Know?
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