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Thread: Peanut Butter?

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    Has anyone tried Peanut Wonder. I found it at the Health Food store and it is really good. I think it's about 100 calories for 2 tablespoons. I haven't eaten antyhing Peanut Buttery recently so I don't have the points in my head right now. It's a sweeter tasting peanut butter and lower in fat and calories. Linda

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    I researched (but no success [img]graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] )this Peter Pan Whipped peanut and have found the following:

    ConAgra Foods is the distributor, you can call toll free (877) 528-0745. You tell them your zip code nearest you and they will let you know who sells it within a 100 mile radius. My sister lives in Austin, TX and it is available at Super Wal-Marts and HGB's.

    FYI: They do not distribute the whipped in Northern California The bad thing is that I have not even tried the whipped, but every post I see about peanut butter, the PP Whipped is highly recommend.

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    I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!
    I find a way to fit it in everyday. I only eat one TBSP at a time. I work at a hospital and they have to small cups of PB for the patients. You all could also contact the local hospitals and see if you could buy some from them.
    Happy peanut butter eating to all!!!!!!!!
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