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Thread: Veggie entree points

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    How do I figure out points for entrees such as roasted eggplant with onions and peas? I eat a lot of main dishes that are just veggies and I ask the restaurants to cut back on the oil. How do I figure out these points?



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    I am a vegetarian so I know what you can be trickier than a simple "grilled 4oz chicken breast" because it is more difficult to know how much oil etc. is in the food.
    Often, I refer to the Food Companion or because I eat at ethnic restaurants. For example, Indian food uses quite a bit of oil in order to release the flavour of the it has quite a bit of oil. If they don't have the exact item, I try to estimate with something similar.

    Overall, I take a good look and taste to determine if it is oily or not. Grilled vegetables are often drenched in olive oil...but sometimes they are not. You have to trust your instincts. I took a look at how slippery and shiny my vegetables were when I prepared them at home (not very), and how much oil remained on my plate (none). Then at a restaurant I can see that there might be at least 3-5 points of oil in my platter of grilled veggies or in my salad.

    Obviously if there is any added cheese, nuts or a creamy sauce you need to add points for those as well.

    I hope that helps.

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