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Thread: 1 point tortillas?

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    Ok, I found the 1-point english muffins (LOVE THOSE) but what about the 1 point tortillas? Does anyone know the brand names? The ones I found are 2 points and are in the aisle with the mexican food.

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    You betcha! La Tortilla brand tortillas. Lov'em, lov'em, lov'em! My local grocer carries them over in the bakery department and not with the traditional tortillas. They come in a couple of sizes. I know the smaller one, is about 6 inches and actually works out to 0 points for one tortilla! You heard me - zip, nada, nothing!

    Happy tortilla hunting!
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    I had gotten the LA tortilla factory Lowcal, low fat, high fibre, low carb tortilla but it came out to half a point not 0

    anyway I cant stomach them anymore. they may be really low in points but they are even lower in taste. I tried them for everything too. From eggs n cheese to sausage and mustard.

    I just count the 2ptr or 2.5pts fr the big ones and suck up the point difference.


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    I have found 2 brands of 6 inch flour tortillas that are 1 point per tortilla.

    Kroger brand 98% Fat Free Fajita Size Flour Tortillas (80 cal / 0.5 g fat / 2 g fiber)


    Mission brand 98% Fat Free Fajita (or maybe Taco) Size Flour Tortillas (don't have the nutritional info. off hand)

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    Both of the 1 point tortillas are about 6". Personally that does not satisify me (nor did the La Tortilla Factory ones) so I such it up and use the next size up which is 120 cal/1 fat/2 fiber or 2 points! Makes a decent size quesadilla too.

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    For anybody living in Canada (at least on the west coast) we have 1 point tortillas that are fabulous. They're called Healthy Way sprouted grain tortillas. They're huge and very filling. One of them has just one point, although if you can eat 2 of them, it works out to 3 points. I buy them at Costco near where I live.

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    Oh Ann, I have to check at the Costco in Calgary - I have just found the 2 point ones which seem to be a lot of points to spend on something like tortillas. Thanks! Sheila

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