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    Has anyone ever used Benefiber and counted it as additional fiber in the foods you put it into? Is this legal?

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    Adding a fiber supplement to food to lower the points is not "legal," IMO. If you feel you are not getting enough fiber in your diet I would suggest altering your food choices instead of taking a supplement.
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    That was what resulted in the fiber cap of 4, from what I understand. People were dumping fiber into food to reduce the point value and then being upset at slow losses or gains.

    If someone tries to scam the program, you know who they're hurting, right?

    I thought so

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    I wasn't trying to scam the program, I thought if you were truly adding fiber to a low fiber/no fiber food, then that would be a would still be capping it off at 4 grams, but for a food with 0, adding a gram of fiber, would seem to help...but I default to the profession [img]graemlins/ugh.gif[/img] als...if you guys say no, then no it is...

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    I didn't mean to leave you with the impression that I thought YOU were trying to scam the program. You're new and very smart to ask these questions - that shows commitment and real dedication to doing what's best for you [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img] I'm feeling rather mischevious today, but I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

    JRose is right though... it's always better to get the fiber you need through food, rather than through supplements. If you need more fiber than you're getting, your gut will tell you, believe me

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    thanks for your reply--I think I'm just being overly-sensitive since I'm food deprived!!! [img]graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] Just kidding, but I really do appreciate your help...I'm really excited about the new plan ...I was in WW about 4 yrs ago after the birth of my 2nd child, and I really like this new of all, I have a board like this to come to and be with people who are supportive and helpful with all of my questions!!
    Thanks again for your help! It's really nice to know that someone took time out of their day to help!

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