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    A new restaurant opened in our area called Philly Connection. Since I'm a Philly transplant I wrote them an email asking for nutritional info. They replied right away with a pdf of their nutrition sheet. I put it into a file to send to Dotti and post here.
    • Cheesesteaks </font>
    • The Original Cheesesteak Regular 11</font>
    • The Original Cheesesteak Large 16</font>
    • Mushroom Cheesteak Regular 10</font>
    • Mushroom Cheesteak Large 16</font>
    • Cheesesteak Hoagie Regular 11</font>
    • Cheesesteak Hoagie Large 17</font>
    • Pizza Steak Regular 11</font>
    • Pizza Steak Large 16</font>
    • The Works Regular 11</font>
    • The Works Large 17</font>
    • Steak Sandwich Regular 8</font>
    • Steak Sandwich Large 12</font>
    • Chicken & Turkey </font>
    • Cheese Chicken Regular 9</font>
    • Cheese Chicken Large 13</font>
    • Chicken Hoagie Regular 10</font>
    • Chicken Hoagie Large 14</font>
    • Chicken Parmesan Regular 9</font>
    • Chicken Parmesan Large 13</font>
    • Chicken Works Regular 9</font>
    • Chicken Works Large 15</font>
    • Turkey Hoagie Regular 10</font>
    • Turkey Hoagie Large 14</font>
    • Chicken Tenders 14</font>
    • Italian Specialties </font>
    • Meatball Parmesan Regular 14</font>
    • Meatball Parmesan Large 22</font>
    • Italian Hoagie Regular 12</font>
    • Italian Hoagie Large 19</font>
    • From the Sea </font>
    • Tuna Hoagie Regular 14</font>
    • Tuna Hoagie Large 20</font>
    • Vegetarian </font>
    • Veggie Delite Hoagie Regular 9</font>
    • Veggie Delite Hoagie Large 13</font>
    • Veggie Delite Salad 4</font>
    • Specialty Salads </font>
    • Cheesesteak Salad 7</font>
    • Chicken Tenders Salad 7</font>
    • Grilled Chicken Salad 2</font>
    • Turkey Salad 2</font>
    • Tuna Salad 7</font>
    • Garden Salad 0</font>
    • Philly Lites (6 grams of fat or less) </font>
    • "When ordering request no cheese mayo or oil" </font>
    • Grilled Chicken Lite 6</font>
    • Chicken Hoagie Lite 6</font>
    • Turkey Hoagie Lite 6</font>
    • Veggie Hoagie Lite 5</font>
    • Chicken Parmesan Lite 7</font>
    • Chicken Works Lites 6
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    Joanne thanks so much for posting this!

    I have never been able to find any points estimates for chicken cheesesteak's and they have it! The website is great because they have pictures of many of the items, so I can compare and try to make an educated guess.

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    Aawww man, Joanne

    You got me all excited, I thought Philly had some WW friendly restaurant or something! The info is helpful, though, as a general guide for those Pat's steaks! (Although I STILL have yet to eat one and I've been living here for 7 years!)
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