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Thread: Slim Fast Dinners

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    I just saw new Slim Fast dinners by their other products. It is modeled after Easy Mac. They have Mac & Cheese and fett alfredo. 7 points for the alfredo. I didn't buy it because it sounds like a lunch food and I usually don't spend that much on one item for lunch.

    By the way the new SF strawberry cheesecake mealbar is to die for!
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    I have the Rotini with tomato and Italian herb sauce. It works the same as easy mac, but this one is only 4 pts. I brought the box to work and whenever I can't get out, or forget my lunch, I have this instead of something from the vending machine. For an instant meal they aren't bad, you do have to let them set for a couple of minutes for the sauce to thicken.

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