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Thread: Kashi Go Lean vs Muesli

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    Is Kashi Go Lean cereal considered to be a muesli? I am trying to eat more low glycemic foods which includes muesli, but I don't know if Kashi Go Lean is a muesli.

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    judyo53 Guest


    I don't know the true definition of muesli but Kashi Go Lean is probably very close & maybe even better. It's a protein/high fiber cereal/snack with soy protein grahams, crunchy fiber twigs, 7 whole grains & sesame honey puffs. I think muesli has some dried fruit or raisins added.

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    girlinmotion Guest


    Real muesli is generally raw oats soaked overnight served with yogourt and nuts and dried or fresh fruit. It isn't really a dry cereal like Kashi Go Lean. Some dry cereals have called themselves muesli in the past few years, making the issue a bit confusing.

    That said, even though it is not really like muesli, Kashi Go Lean should be a decent low glycemic index cereal because of the higher protein unless it compensates with extra it low sugar too?

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    judyo53 Guest


    I think I had "real" muesli once, on a cruise. Otherwise, I've just had the boxed versions. I do like it, especially the real thing. Kashi Go Lean has 7g of sugar per serving (40g/ 3/4 cup). Doesn't taste like it has any!

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    GirlInMotion asked if Kashi Go Lean is low in sugar. I have no idea. What is considered to be low? Does 7g qualify as low?

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    judyo53 Guest


    I couldn't find real muesli in my Nutrition Facts download. But Kellogg's Mueslix has 3.3 grams a serving of sugar for one variety & 16.9g for their other variety. So I don't know if 7 is considered low or not (compared to the real thing).

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