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    Beth613 Guest


    In the new Flex plan Week 1 book, pizza is listed in two different ways - fast-food style and restaurant style.

    Does anyone know what this means? My first thought was that restaurant style was thick crusted or deep dish pizza...but I see that thin crust is listed under restaurant style so this can't be right.

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    I would assume that fast food meant pizza hut or dominos or something and restaurant was a pizzeria type place. What rest. are you looking at? Maybe it's listed on dottie's site.

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    girlinmotion Guest


    I would think restaurant style might be the gourmet type that is hand tossed, a very thin crust (crispy). Fast food style would include pretty much your average Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dominoes etc. If you are wondering though, just look at the points. The higher point one is the thicker crust with more cheese!!

    If you have a specific favourite pizza place in mind, I'd look it up or ask for nutritional information. has lot's of point info for different places.

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