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Thread: Burger King chili-no wonder I'm not losing

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    Okay, I've been trying real hard to workout at least 4 if not 5 times a week at Curves. I really enjoy it. I've found that with evening commitments, I need to workout over my lunch hour on Wednesdays and Fridays. Well, by the time I get done working out, stretch and cool down, I don't have much time to get anything for lunch. There is a Burger King right by Curves (how's that for temptation! :rolleyes: ). I noticed on Dotti's website that the chili is only 3.5 points and crackers .5 points for a package. So, not thinking of any other elements and only the fact that it was a low point lunch, I've been ordering a chili and using 2 packages of crackers in it for lunch. I've noticed that my weight loss has slowed a bit. I thought I would check out the Burger King site and see how much sodium might be in this chili (desperately trying to rationalize this slow down!) I about died...1110 sodium! :eek: Actually, my Curves is right on "fast-food" alley, so I could get something else. Does anyone have any good suggestions? TIA. [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]

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    Don't you hate that??? You are eating low point foods while unknowingly overdosing on a weight gain item like sodium...who knew?

    Is there a McDonald's? Hold the kicks, hear me out...the Whole Wheat BBQ Chicken McGrill is my fav! It's only 6 points! You can get a side salad with lite dressing and a diet coke! Filling, yet low-point food. Any other grilled chicken burgers from other places would be would think.

    Subway...any of their low-point subs would work.

    Is there a deli? You could get a sandwich or a soup.

    Most fast food restaurants now offer low-calorie and reduced fat options. Which restaurants are there?

    On another note, you could make a low-point lunch at home and eat when you get back to the office.

    Hope I've helped a little...


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    Thanks so much Lindsay! Yes, there are other places around that I could try. Subway sounds like a good one. I don't think our McDonald's has that BBQ chicken McGrill, but it sounds delish. I might try to make something up at home and bring it in. You know I could make a big batch of 0 point soup and bring some of that in since I'm such a soup-aholic! Thanks again Lindsay, you're a GREAT buddy!

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    No problem B.G.!! [img]graemlins/bcbsalute.gif[/img]

    I am a fellow Curves member also...

    You should check out the lighter choices menu at McDonalds. They have a lot of different choices now and a variety of tasty salads with low-point dressings (not like Wendy's dressings! :rolleyes: )

    Good Luck!

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    I'm going to check out McDonald's next Wednesday when I get done sweating my bottom off! Hee-hee. Don't you just love it out there? I know I've read some people post who haven't been impressed with Curves yet have found or have something they enjoy doing, so that is great too. I, for one, really like going out there and have lost 17+ inches so far in 2 1/2 months. Thanks for the info. on the lighter items. Hopefully I can find something I really like, can get in and out quickly and get back all in one hour! Yikes! :eek:

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    Wendy's has a couple of good options. The mandrian chicken salad is really good (3 0r 4 can't remember). Get a different dressing though, the oriental is really bad, they do have quit a few fat free dressing options. It also comes with an almond pack, and rice noodle pack. I don't use them on the salad but I think each package is 3 pts.

    The small chili is also 3 or 4 pts. I just went to there website and the sodium is 870, a little lower.

    I normally eat the salad, a little fat free dressing, and a small chili. Total pts 7. Which is huge lunch for me and I'm so full that I don't eat my afternoon snack.

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    Thanks ekm! I haven't had a chance to check out the Wendy's website, but I love their chili too. At least it's a little lower in sodium. That salad and chile sound like a good combo. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    just another McD's plug...
    I tried the yogurt/fruit thingy the other night (I went in for a milkshake, but my pal suggested I try this instead...). Very tasty! Only 3.5 pts (with the granola). A nice way to finish off a quick lunch!

    Annie [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]
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    I love whataburger's Grilled chicken. Its not just a bland chickenbreast on bread its got lots of seasons. If you order it with mustard instead of mayo and tell them to NOT toast the bun (bun oil) and tear off excess bread or order a small bun its 7pts. add a side salad for free.


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    Originally posted by annie mae:
    just another McD's plug...
    I tried the yogurt/fruit thingy the other night (I went in for a milkshake, but my pal suggested I try this instead...). Very tasty! Only 3.5 pts (with the granola). A nice way to finish off a quick lunch!

    Annie [img]graemlins/wave.gif[/img]
    Hey Annie!
    Make sure you are having the snack size one...the regular size one is 8 points :eek: The snack size one is 5 oz and the regular one is 10oz....

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