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Thread: York Peppermint Patties

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    Oh boy, oh boy! I was in the grocery store today on my lunch hour and had a chocolate craving. I picked up a full size York PP in the checkout line and added up my points right there in line w/ my PointsFinder. 3 points for the whole thing! I just ate it and boy did it hit the spot! A "real" treat w/ low points!

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    25 pounds by 2/14/07 (Valentine's Day)
    40 pounds by 4/8/07 (Easter)
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    65 pounds by 7/31/07 (My 30th Birthday!)

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    I found a 10 pak of Peppermint Patties. they are .6oz and 1pt. It is a good size. I women I work with told me she freezes them. I tried it, it's really a great treat and just the right size.

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