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Thread: Ice Cream Bars

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    Hi Everyone,
    I just bought some ice cream bars at the grocery store and wanted to pass it on. Slim a Bear icream sandwich bars are 2pts. and are very good. The Slim a Bear klondike bar are 3 pts and Fudgesicle, no sugar added fudge bar is ipt. and is excellent too. I've had some other brands that weren't so good, but these are.

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    The slim-a-bears really are great, and because they're individually wrapped, they don't melt in the freezer.

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    I love Slim A Bears also. They are expensive though..they run about 3.50 a box of 6 here so I only buy them if on sale.

    Sometimes you can find the 2 boxes for 5.00 or sometimes buy 1 get 1 free at foodlion..but that is seldom of late. [img]graemlins/sobbing.gif[/img]

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    I love them... Bought them this week for the first time they are so good.

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    They're half price at my grocery store this week. Too bad my family loves them so much, too!
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    Whats the best tasting and lowest in points
    Fudge Bars?

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    kurlylox, I just tried the WW Giant Fudge Bars and they are pretty good for only 1 point. I like the fact that they are much bigger than your standard fudge bar. I had tried the Philly Phudge bars that are 1 point as well and have some different flavors. They're really good too but much smaller.
    Those are the only ones I've tried. HTH
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    I like the Blue Bunny Fudge/Fudge&Cream Bars = 1 point.

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    I tried the slim a bear ice cream sandwich bars for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed them. They are cheaper thank the smart ones ice cream sandwiches at he stor I shop at.

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