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    I know that on the points plan you can spend your points the way you want but isn't there a limit on how many carbs you shoud eat to achieve weight loss? becasue the plan let's you spend the way you want i find myself eating to much bread although i do stay within my range but i'm afraid that's the reason why my weight loss is so slow. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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    Do you have the Week 6, the Right Mix, booklet? On pages 10 & 11 it tells you how you should divide your points depending on A)your weight and B)how you answer the questions on page 6.


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    Since I'm doing this at home, with somewhat older material, could you please post what The Right Mix talks about? I find myself staying within point range, but I think I might be eating too many carbs in proportion to veggies, milk, etc. Any help would be appeciated. Thanks!

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    Click here for a quick list of how it's broken down:

    Devo's Right Mix Page

    and here for the questions to ask yourself to find your right mix:

    Sandyland's Page

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    Thanks so much Frisky! That really helped explain it to me. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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