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Thread: popsicles(spelling?)

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    Hi, Does anyone know the points for a single popsicle ( they come two together) sugarfree. Thanks

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    The ones in my freezer are 15 calories each making them 0 points. Which brand did you buy? Try looking them up at and check for nutrition info on their web site.

    The info should be on the package they came in.

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    Hi Frisky, I have the popsicle brand pops, I threw the box in the trash because it was a large box from BJ's. I can't believe that they are 0 points they are not bad and refreshing on a muggy day. Thanks so much for your help have a good night. Ps how many o points add up to a point do you know?

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    Here's the link to their sugar free line of popsicles:

    If you eat 1, it's 0. If you eat 2, that rounds up to 1 point. If you eat 3, that's definitely a point. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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