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    Honeybelle3 Guest


    Does anyone know the point value for grits?

    We had a breakfast buffet at work yesterday and I tried to find it in the food companion but couldn't. It was very hard to resist all the casseroles and sweet rolls. But I did. I took low fat pancakes and sugar free syrup. I ate those and a couple of bites of grits. Today at WI I was down 3 pounds.

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    FirstCavWife Guest


    I looked on the USDA Database that I have on my PDA and it says:
    Cereals, corn grits, white, regular, quick, enriched, cooked with water, with salt
    1 cup
    145 calories
    .48g fat
    .5g fiber.

    So, according to my calculations, 1 cup of cooked grits is 2.8 Points.

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    You might need to take preparation into consideration with grits. Having lived in GA I know some people put a TON of butter in their grits. I had some of the best grits ever at a buffet at a hotel in Atlanta. But it was swimming in butter. Some people even but cheese in them. You'd know if there was any thing added. Plain grits are very plain. Just a thought.
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    FirstCavWife Guest


    That's all grits are for.....just a vehicle for butter consumption!


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    Honeybelle3 Guest


    Thanks for the information. I was planning to add a point extra for the cheese and maybe another for the ones that probably had butter. I think next time we do breakfast I'll make some WW friendly grits.

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    I bought some stone ground grits made by Nora Mill Grainery out of Helen, GA. They still have the fiber and are very very coarse, not overprocessed like the commerical kind. I make them with water, then add the FF squeeze margarine at the table. No nutrition info on the label, but they are def. higher in fiber then the others. I still count one cup as 3 points, knowing it is lower due to the fiber content, but better safe then sorry!

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