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Thread: French Fries measured frozen or cooked?

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    I have always measured french fries/crispy crowns etc. once they are cooked. On the Ore-Ida Crispy Crowns I have always gotten 22 Crowns for 84g although the package said that it was approx. 12 Crowns for 84g. Last night I was the only one having them so I measured them frozen so I didn't cook too many. Well, guess what? You do only get 12 Crowns for 84g when they are frozen!!!!
    I would never have thought they were talking about frozen when they measure them!!! I was cheating by almost double the amount (probably another 2.5-3 points!!!!)

    Oh well, at least I know now!!!

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    Guilty as charged! I have done the very same thing. I would never have imagined that this was a pre-cooked weight I thought I was really getting my points worth, now I know I was getting more than that! Thanks for sharing your findings.

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    Hmm.. that is unfortunate that you had to learn that way. But good thing you found out!


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    That is so screwed that the industry would "cheat" by putting their nutritional value of FROZEN food??? That doesn't make sense to me? They should have to indicate the nutrional value is based on precooked weight. I am guilty of weighing my french fries after baking them too. YIKES So we have to account for the "ice" that hangs on . . . sheesh

    Thanks for bringing this to light. . . I had never thought about this. . .

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    Oh man! Ive always weighed them after cooking. no fair! Next time Im letting the thaw. Im not paying for ice that melts in the over *frump*

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    Hmmm. I actually never thought to weigh them AFTER cooking! If I'm cooking just a few for myself I've always weighed out my portion right out of the package. If I've cooked a bunch for the family, I count them out. Goes to show you how differently people can interpret something!
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    You know I read this post several days ago and wondered. So this week when I weighed it out frozen and cooked I actually got close to the same amount on tater tots (more than the 9 it said in the serving size both times === I believe it was 11 frozen and 12 cooked). The french fries were exactly the same. And I never get ice on mine. LOL! I repackage them and squeeze out all the air so it doesn't happen -- just at tip.

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