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Thread: Not clear on when to weight foods...

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    say a Recipe calls for 8oz chicken. You have to weight it first because its a cassarole

    Burgers are very lean and 1pt per oz.. but When do you weigh? Is a 4 oz burger 4oz precooked or after cooked because I tell ya, You loose an ounce in cooking.

    Same with chicken...

    consistency is being thrown off so I would like to know when your supposed to weigh it. a 4oz burger turns into 3oz hockeypuck when cooked.. Fine but I dont want to miscount it =)


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    meat weight when figuring points is determined by COOKED weight.

    I took a look at your picture site - CONGRATULATIONS!!! You've done a terrific job!!!

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    Hmm.. difficult to say. I would have to guess they are referring to raw, since they are going to tell you how to cook it. But who knows? I have never even considered that one before.


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    When making a meal and it calls for say 8 ounces of meat is is raw but when figuring points it is ALWAYS the cooked weight.

    When I try to figure a recipe I usually figure 3 ounces of meat per 1/4 pound so I can figure the recipe points.

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    Thanks ladies [img]smile.gif[/img] That helps alot.

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